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You have websites and traffic? Let's our Ninja team deliving ads from awesome advertisers. You will earning money when your websites have visitors view our ads.

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To start earning with Ninzaa, you must have a publisher account. Remember to using your working email because we will send you best offer sometime.

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Submit website for approval then get ad code to insert into your website. Our ads will display only on the website you submitted.

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You will earning for each visitors come to your website, we are base on CPM so you do not need to have clicks, but the clicks will help your CPM rate higher.

Start "kick" your revenue higher right now!

We are here to help you "kicking" your website revenue higher. Are you tired with low CPM? Did you annoyed by a bunch of popups? We also not guaranteed that our CPM will be highest in the industry, surely, it is impossible, but we will try our best to keep your CPM higher than your previous ad network. We are providing banner advertising solutions and popup. But advertising via website banner is the best solution this day! Stop wasting your traffic with other poor ad network!

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